A special thanks for finding our new home and for going above and beyond to negotiate a wonderful deal.

— Lynn and Irwin

• • •
Dear Gail,

I was thinking about you the other day and how you put this deal together. 

As I was thinking about it the other day, I realized how very much you were taking care of me, that there is probably no one who could have actually made this deal happen as you have managed to do. 

 And I wanted to write to you then to tell you how very much I appreciate your even'ness, even before the deal closed, your ability to keep your eye on the ball, your never taking anything business-wise personally or for granted, whether it comes from the client, the other agent,  the other party, or the multitude of others involved in a deal.  

There are no words of thanks that can express my appreciation to you for just riding it out with me, holding my hand and never--outwardly--getting upset or impatient with me.  You were solid and present and focused throughout and I am very very grateful to you.  You are a rare and honest person and I thank you and thank you and thank you.

Thank you again, Gail.  However many times I thank you, it is truly not enough.

All the best,


• • •

Dear Gail,

You have been a great realtor and a good and decent human being as well.  You went beyond the call of duty many times.  I would happily use you for any future real estate transaction, and I recommend your services to everyone I know.  You know I was a tough grader when I was a working professor, and you earned an A+!

Thank you again for all you have done for us.

— Jules

• • •

Dear Gail, 

Now that we have concluded another successful transaction together, I feel it’s time to thank you properly for your hard work on my behalf.


As my agent, you have worked tirelessly to successfully conclude four purchase transactions and four leases during the past two years. I consider you my collaborator in those deals, not just my agent. I have come to rely without question on your advice and your research. 

You are always available to answer my question, no matter how general it is. I feel that you have my best interest in mind at all times and count on you to navigate me through some very complex deals. 

I plan to continue investing in real estate, and to continue using your services as my exclusive real estate agent. 

I hope you enjoy our collaboration as much as I do.


Best Regards, 


Gail Holtzman, REALTOR
Gail Holtzman, REALTOR
269 S. Beverly Drive Beverly Hills CA 90212