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Marketing your property effectively and efficiently 

is key to selling any home.  

In my many years of experience as a real estate professional, 

I have developed marketing campaigns customized and personalized

to suit every type of property.


Your home will marketed using the latest marketing tools and trends. The main focus will be on internet advertising and printed quality marketing brochures and flyers. Your property will be marketed with the most effective means to saturate the advertising market to ensure the largest exposure of your home on both local and nationwide markets.

Preparing and Staging

Prospective buyers have to be able to visualize them living in your home.  We need to set your home to look at its best.  That may be doing nothing or it may be making some minor adjustments. We can decide together. 


Besides a well written script describing your home, pictures are vital in attracting buyers and other real estate professional to your home. Lots of pictures and a virtual tour are essential marketing tools.

On-Site Property Marketing

Your property will have an eye-catching “For Sale” sign that will be displayed in front of your property to take advantage of the drive by traffic and keep the neighbors talking to their friends and family that may be looking to purchase a home in your neighborhood. 

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is one of the most effective avenues in marketing your property.  Statistics have shown that more than 80% of people begin their new home search using the internet. More than 272 million people in North America are regular internet and email users. That is 151.7% increase over the last 10 years. 

Email Blast

Frequent email blasts and email marketing will be used to market your property to introduce buyers and agents that your home is for sale.  These blasts will include many pictures and detail description of your property.

Multiple Listing Service (

The MLS is the first destination for thousands of agents representing home-buyers worldwide. The MLS ensures that your property will have full local and national coverage with detailed information and photos for potential buyers and their agents.  The MLS guest site is designed for buyers and non-real estate professionals and receives millions of viewers.

Exclusive Property Website

A property website is another effective tool for potential buyers who wish to view the home.  Yes, a websites will be developed just for your home exclusively and easy to find.

Your property will be featured on to maximize nationwide exposure to all members as well as non-members of National Association of Realtors and California association of Realtors including all sub chapters.

Syndication – Maximizing Internet Exposure 

Anyone looking on the internet and looking for a home in your area will see that your home is for sale. Below are just some of the internet sites where your home will be advertised for sale.

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Networking is key part of marketing real estate. Your property will be advertised on social media websites.  I am affiliated with several business networking organizations and attend regularly, meetings where I come in contacted with hundreds of people and my reason of being there is to tell the “World” that your property is for sale!

Open Houses – Public and Brokers

The “Open House” is where the picture on the internet or printed brochure becomes real for the buyer.  They see and feel their potential home and emotions rise. This is when potential buyer becomes a “Buyer”.

High Quality Print Advertising – Flyers and Postcards

Your home will have high quality full color print advertising for distribution to target markets and to notify neighbors of your home for sale or open house. Your neighbors are an excellent resource for word of mouth advertising to other friends and family that may be looking for a home in your neighborhood.  Printed advertising options will include features in: The Los Angeles Times, MLS Open House Guide, consumer and trade magazines, door hanger or postcard distribution.

Marketing Tool #1 – Gail Holtzman

Selling your home is more than finding a buyer and closing a sale. It is often one of the most important personal financial decisions you will make.  You can rely on my Real Estate expertise in particular marketing and contractual negotiations. You deserve an expert that can represent you.

You Deserve the Best! 

I invite you to call me (310) 837-7139 anytime with questions or concerns.  

Gail Holtzman, REALTOR
Gail Holtzman, REALTOR
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