Is it time to sell your home?

Considering Leaving the Family Home

… with all that it represents – the place where children were raised; the safety and security of the family; the family gathered for holidays and celebrations; the home where memories reside; where friends and community ties were made…

Opting to Keep Those Precious Memories and Move On

…to an active Senior Community perhaps in the Sunbelt; to meet new friends and  participate in numerous sports and activities; to downsize  to a smaller home, condominium or apartment demanding less costs and maintenance; to an Active Independent or Assisted Living community where various services are readily available

Staying in Your Home is No Longer an Option

…the home maintenance becomes a burden; a major life event or illness forces considering a move; aging parent wants to live closer to family or other caretakers; financial concerns make it difficult to keep the home; safety and support services are needed and are not available at the home …

Selling Your Home

…for whatever reason, there may come time when parents and families consider selling the family and moving on…

Seniors Real Estate Specialist

Gail Holtzman

…is skilled and experienced to assist in guiding your family through the complex issues and unique situations you will encounter when thinking about staying or leaving the family home…

…empowering seniors and their families to make decisions and achieve their goals.

Gail Holtzman, REALTOR
Gail Holtzman, REALTOR
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